CLI options

The default command in package.json that powers npm run build is:

npx remotion render <entry-file> <composition-id> <output-location>


Besides choosing a video and output location with the command line arguments, the following flags are supported:

  • --props: React Props to pass to the root component of your video. Must be a serialized JSON string.
  • --concurrency: How many CPU core threads to use. Minimum 1. The maximum is the amount of threads you have.
  • --png: Render a PNG sequence with transparency instead. If you use this option, the output location you pass must be a folder name.
  • --config: Specify a location for the Remotion config file.
  • --quality: Value between 1 and 100 for JPEG rendering quality. Doesn't work when --png is set. Default: 80

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